The Italian Arctic Data Center (IADC), is a digital infrastructure, conceived to collect, manage, publish and disseminate the results of scientific research in the arctic region in the frame of the Italian Climate Change Tower Integrated Project (CCT-IP) and other projects conducted by Italian research institutions (INAF, OGS, CNR, ENEA, INGV) and Italian universities.  

The IADC offers metadata catalogue  to discover and compile metadata related to research activities and a data repository  infrastructure to upload and download the data collected. The use of standardised protocols and conversion systems allows interoperability with other data centres (e.g. SIOS) and the sharing of resources with other catalogues.

Furthermore IADC system provides services to record scientific projects to be carried out in Ny Alesund, to welcome and hosting visiting researchers, to provide procedures for shipping materials and all the information concerning the accessibility to general services, instrumentation and laboratories at the Arctic Station Dirigibile Italia.

The data management

The Italian research activity in the arctic region has increased in the recent years, making necessary the development of an integrated system based on the brokering approach that allow users to easily discover and access data and metadata. After that, some sets of selected data are processed and analyzed by different procedures for the comparative study of the processes that affect the climate and its variability in the Arctic.

The infrastructure IADC consists of 3 nodes: Arctic Node at Ny-Alesund (Svalbard), Main Node at CNR headquarter in Roma and a secondary node at ISP-CNR Bologna respectively. The raw data are collected   by different measurement systems (instrument and sensors), acquired (dataloggers, computers) and temporary stored in the Arctic Node before to be transferred to the Main Node and to  the secondary  backup server (ISP-CNR Node).

The CCT-IP project represents the guide lines of the Italian research in the arctic aiming to study the interaction between all the components of the climate system in the Arctic. The Amundsen-Nobile Climate Change Tower (CCT), that provides since 2009 acquisition of atmospheric parameter profiles and data at the interface surface - atmosphere, can be considered the first attempt to directly connect the data to the user through the digital infrastructure of  IADC. This approach is going to be extended to other dataset concerning soil, permafrost, snow, sea, ice, remote sensing measurements.

CCT Real time data