3471 - MAShLoCC  “Monitoring of Aerosol: Short and Long range source areas related to Climate Change” – Clara Turetta

3471 - CCT-IP “Calibration of CCT sensors” – Angelo Pietro Viola

3471 -  AGAP FLUX “Aerosol vertical profiles and relationships with energy and mass fluxes at the snow/atmosphere interface” - David Cappelletti

10422 - LONG NITRAS “Long term measurements of reactive nitrogen compounds (NOy) in Arctic” – Antonella Ianniello

3693 - ARCTICA “ARCTic research on the Inter-connections between Climate and Atmosphere” – Roberto Udisti

10421 - CONT-RADA “Continuous observations of radon progeny to investigate the effects of atmospheric stability on pollutant concentrations in Arctic” – Antonella Ianniello