Research activity in svalbard
ICT and technological innovation

2015 - IADC
Italian Arctic Data Center

Angelo Viola - ISAC- CNR

2016 - Common Sense
Cost effective sensors, interopeable with international existing ocean observing systems

Paolo Magni - CNR IAMC

2017 - MetrEA
Metrology for the Environment in the Arctic

Andrea Merlone - Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica

2018 - ET
Excellabust Training

Gabriele Bruzzone - CNR-ISSIA

2018 - LCWSWS
A new Low Cost, Weight and Size Water Sampler

Giuseppe ZappalĂ  - CNR-IAMC - Messina

2019 - OPTOnCCT
Fiber OPTic thermOhygrometers for AdmundseN-Nobile Climate Change Tower (CCT)

Michele Giordano - IPCB CNR

2021 - MARISA
MArine Robotics for the study of Ice-Sea-Air-interface

Massimo Caccia - CNR-INM

2021 - COAT
Comparability of thermometers and radiation shields in polar climate

Andrea Merlone - INRIM