Research activity in svalbard
Marine biology and biodiversity

2015 - KUAM
Underwater Acoustic Monitoring in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard for bio-glacio-seismo -logical studies (RIS ID 6616)

Giuseppa Buscaino - CNR IAMC Capo Granitola

2015 - MIKA
Microbial variabilitY in the Kongsfjorden Area

Maurizio Azzaro - IAMC-CNR

ARctic fISh diversiTy: snapshOTs from SvaLbard arEa

Laura Ghigliotti - National Research Council - Institute of Marine Science

2021 - MicroPolArS
Microbial response to human Pollutants in polAr lakeS

Maria Papale - CNR - ISP (Istituto di Scienze Polari)